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Cardiff Est. 1989

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We carry a large range of accessories from hand made spec chains to dry eye solutions.

Spectacle chains

Hand made Bojangles spec chains

These are all handmade and fantastic value. Every one is different and you can even request your own colours to co-ordinate with your glasses, your handbag or a special outfit.

Optically themed jewellery

Optically themed jewellery

Optically appropriate earrings and bracelets.

Blinx for kids

Blinx for kids

Personalise your glasses and change them every day with Blinx.

Fabulous little charms that slip onto the frame sides making your glasses as individual as you are.

If you don’t wear glasses, or just because they are so adorable, you can collect them on a cute bracelet.

Dry eye solutions

Eye drops for sore, tired, dry eyes, eye cleaning solutions for Blepharitis, eye heat bags for eye health and comfort.


Fun spec cases

Spectacle cases

Fun cases for adults and kids.