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Colorimetry Tinted Lenses For Reading Difficulties

Coloured overlays can be extremely helpful but are limited in their use in that they need to be placed on top of a physical page and cannot therefore be used for written work or computer work. A tinted spectacle lens will allow a person to write and work on the computer, leaving both hands free for the task.

Tinted lenses differ from overlays and coloured paper. This is because when wearing tinted glasses the eye adapts to lens colour.

When using an overlay the light entering the eye is ordinary white light (a mix of all colours) but when wearing a tint the eye is exposed only to the colour of the tint as the tint absorbs all the others.

The tint in spectacles is rarely the same colour as the best coloured overlay for reading and writing.

Colorimeter tinted lens assessment

If you have sustained success with a coloured overlay over a period of 6 months but find it limiting then a full Colorimeter Assessment is required in order to determine a spectacle tint that will produce the same benefit.

The Colorimeter Assessment explores the optimum colour to give maximum relief from visual perceptual disturbance and this colour of tint is then made up in a pair of spectacles. Tinted spectacles can be useful for all black and white work including reading, writing, copy work, drawing and computer.

Colorimetry Tinted Lenses For Reading Difficulties

Your colour requirement is unique and so precision lenses are individually made