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Eye Health Examinations

The Welsh Assembly Government recognise that optometrists are well placed conveniently within the community to carry out a special type of eye examination for a person (adult or child) who may need to be seen urgently.

The aim is to determine, as quickly and effectively as possible, if an eye problem needs special care or not. Anyone can visit a PEARS registered optometrist if they have an acute eye problem that needs to be looked at urgently, free of charge.

Some groups of people have an increased risk of getting an eye problem because certain eye diseases run in families or because eye diseases can affect some races more than others.

Those in particular higher risk categories are entitled to a regular extended eye health examination free of charge in order to facilitate early detection and treatment. Visit Wales Eye Care Service to see if you are eligible.

For information about a particular eye condition, advice on treatment or diet, visit the Good Hope Eye Clinic website, an excellent eye health resource.

All our Optometrists are accredited to carry out PEARS and WEHI examinations

Free under the Welsh Eye Care Initiative

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Improving Eye Health

Vision, Sight Loss and Smoking

Most of us are completely unaware of the devastating impact that smoking can have upon eye health. When you think about it it’s not really so surprising as smoking impacts upon the health and efficiency of the heart, lungs, metabolism and blood supply. Watch this short animation for more information.

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