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Good eye care is about prevention so don’t wait until you are aware that you have a problem before having an eye examination.

Sight tests or eye examinations are all about enjoying the best vision for the whole of your life. Taking care of your eyes now can help prevent problems later in life.

In a world where almost everything we do is dependent upon good sight it is not difficult to imagine how the quality of our life might be marred if that sight were impaired, unreliable or uncomfortable.

Eye strain, headaches, poor concentration and difficulty absorbing information are some of the symptoms that can be avoided through regular eye care but the list is much longer and eye examinations represent excellent value in terms of keeping your visual system in top condition.

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Many people in Wales are eligible for FREE eye care

Anyone (adult or child) with an acute eye problem can now visit an optometrist FREE under the National Health Service for examination, diagnosis and treatment, where required.
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