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Multiple Pairs of Glasses?

How would you manage to drive, or to read or to work if your glasses were lost broken? If the answer is that you couldn’t really then it is essential that you have more than one pair.

You may need more than one prescription

For example reading, distance and computer glasses or varifocals for everyday and separate readers so that you can curl up on the sofa to read, or occupational glasses in work for computer and meetings, varifocals outdoors, sunglasses for holidays and cycling specs for leisure.

The visual system is amazingly versatile, constantly adjusting to different viewing distances and conditions. As we get older and the system doesn’t operate quite so efficiently we appreciate this more and more.

But it is a terrible shame to give up favourite pastimes, such as night driving, reading, sewing or jewellery making, or to never begin on new hobbies, such as online shopping, internet research or swimming, just because you don’t have the right glasses for the job.

Always mention interests that you are finding difficult because of your sight during your eye test because there may be a solution that you have just never thought of.

And then there’s variety

Your glasses are on your face every single day, a part of you really, and its nice to have a change now and then. If you think that’s too costly, just divide the number of days you will wear them into the cost of the frames and you will see that it’s nothing like the cost of having your hair cut regularly, that second suit for work, that dress you bought to go to a wedding, or the many pairs of shoes that you own.

It’s worth investing the money in glasses that you really love and feel totally comfortable in

There is nothing that you wear that will be seen more.

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Ask Us For Help Choosing Your Frames

We will be available to give advice on colour, style, fit and lens types that will best suit your prescription and life style needs.