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Eyesight Tests

Eye care is an important part of enjoying life to the fullest

Most people will agree that the sense they most take for granted and yet would most fear to lose is their sight.

No matter our age, there is virtually nothing that we do in our daily lives that does not depend heavily upon vision in some form. Sadly it is only when our sight begins to decline that we really appreciate how critical it is to the lifestyle and pastimes that we engage in and enjoy.

Many people are proactive about maintaining fitness levels and good diet for improved health and mobility into their older years and regular sight tests must be a part of this.

Make regular eye care part of your health routine and enjoy the best possible sight into old age.

Good advice regarding visual hygiene for eye health and visual comfort, the latest design in indoor, computer, sporting or occupational lenses to support complex visual needs, guidance on visual development and eye protection, early detection of eye disease for prevention of avoidable sight loss, discovery of general health issues through examination of the eyes, inter-professional referral, support and solutions when sight is at risk. These are just some of the aspects covered in your routine eye care!

Preventable Eye Problems

So many eye problems that interfere with the quality of our lives are preventable or remediated by the right advice and appropriate lenses

  • Dry eye
  • Near and intermediate space focusing problems
  • Even sight loss

Numerous illnesses impact upon the visual system and changes within the eye can even be the first indicators of general health issues or they can contribute to the overall picture of the progression of a condition critical to its effective management.

Sight tests for all ages

Many people in Wales are eligible for FREE eye care

Early diagnosis of any problems can save your sight.

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