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Do I need an Eye Exam right now?

We are open again … But not for routine sight tests just yet. A routine test is where you have been sent a reminder – or you are overdue for a sight test – but you are not having any visual or ocular comfort issues at the moment – and you are not in a high risk category for eye disease or sight loss. We would still always recommend regular eye exams – but would also advise delaying for six months, in the current climate, if you do not have any concerns. If you are unsure – please phone us – and if you are worried that you will forget – please ask us to pop a six month reminder in the post.

However, if you are having any visual or ocular comfort issues, whether emergency or essential, such as sudden loss of vision/visual disturbance or a red and/or painful eye, or a milder visual difficulties, such as blurring or eye strain, that is interfering with your daily life, please phone immediately so that we can prioritise your appointment. This may involve a telephone or video consultation initially, dependent upon the nature of your visual issues, as we endevour to keep everyone as safe as possible. We will only bring you into the practice if it appears necessary.

In order to minimise the length of time in the practice, and particularly in close proximity to the Optometrist, we will not be conducting the full battery of tests. We will use the pre-appointment phone/video conversation to determine which tests will be necessary in order to streamline the examination and minimise any delays in the testing rooms.

Please follow the link below for more of what to expect in the “New Normal” and how we are working to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Lost, broken and new glasses

If you have lost or broken glasses or just fancy a new frame – but are not having any visual issues – then we would recommend using your currrent prescription,  rather than risking a sight test that requires close proximity to the optometrist. Broken glasses can be popped through the letter box with a note and we will contact you to arrange an appointment for collection or delivery. Please make sure that you give your full name and date of birth and – unless obvious – a description of the problem. Remember to mention if lost or broken glasses were actually too small or problematic in any other way.