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Sports Vision Training

The purpose of sports vision performance training is:

  • Remediation of visual need where identified by Sports Vision Screening or full Sports Vision assessment
  • General enhancement of visual skills to give an athlete competitive advantage
  • Training an athlete to absorb more visual information faster and process it more quickly, so that vision may guide performance more efficiently, assisting in achieving full sporting potential
  • Don’t let a lack of vision be your weakness. Busting myths about Sports Vision Performance Training

Sports Vision Training is not about practicing hand to eye tasks

Sports Vision Training is about learning how to use your visual system to greater advantage during activities where the vision guides body movement through space and with respect to other stationary and moving objects.

Sports Vision Training is not about training game skills

Sports Vision Training is about learning to absorb and process more information faster, and about anticipating and responding to change at speed in order to move faster and more efficiently through space and arrive at the most appropriate place ahead of time.

Sports Vision Training is not about practicing balance skills

Sports Vision Training is about understanding how posture and stability impact upon the ability to use vision effectively and about working visual and body postural feedback mechanisms, both in harmony and in conflict, in order to build in the flexibility to cope with stress and fatigue during play and develop and sustain optimum visual function under fast moving dynamic conditions and extreme postures specific to a particular sport.


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Sports Vision Wales

For more information about Sports Vision Assessments and Sports Vision Performance Training please visit our Sports Vision Wales website.