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Do things that you used to enjoy all seem like too much effort?

Are you struggling to see?

There is nothing wrong with your eyes when you get them tested – but you still feel that you are struggling to see as well as you would like- then a VISUAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT may give you the answers that you are looking for.

If you think this might be you then try the simple questionnaire link above to see how many of your symptoms might relate to a visual issue – and book an appointment today.

Adjusting your workspace

Do you often feel very tired and struggle to concentrate or keep you eyes open – television, computer, reading?

Do you get bored very quickly because you can’t take in what you are looking at? Is it hard to concentrate on your work for as long as you need to? Do tasks seem to take you much longer than they take your colleagues? Does computer work make you feel stressed? Do you feel quite disengaged and “switched off” after computer use? Do you feel like you are not working to your full potential?

Your Optometrist says that your eyes are fine – so why are you struggling to see?

The chances are that it is all about how you “work” your eyes. The ease with which you focus in on things to see them clearly and how that co-ordinates with pointing both your eyes to the exact same place is of utmost importance. It sounds very simple but it is actually an extremely complex process that we generally master in our early years. Working your eyes should be an automatic and energy efficient process and if, for a variety of possible reasons, it is not it will quickly impact upon the quality of your overall performance.

Is using your eyes too much effort?

If you struggle to accurately perceive what is in front of you – or if that process takes too much effort to sustain – then using your eyes effectively becomes a significant “extra job” that your body has to execute, particularly when attempting to function in a classroom or office environment. An “extra job” that makes you feel tired very quickly. An “extra job” that “poaches energy” needed for the understanding, remembering and thinking aspects of a task. An “extra job” that can take the pleasure out of your hobbies. An “extra job” that limits your achievements in the work place. Even something as simple as a conversation with a friend or colleague can become a battle to sustain eye contact and to absorb what is being said.

How can a Visual Needs Assessment help?

A Visual Needs Assessment will explore much more than just your sight. It will look at the ease with which you use your eyes for visually demanding tasks. It can help explain your symptoms and can provide solutions to your difficulties. Treatments may include glasses, targeted lens types, postural and workstation adjustments, useful strategies and Vision Therapy activities.

Cost of Assessment £125


Don’t give up on your hobbies.

Are you giving up on your hobbies because you cannot see adequately? Are you feeling frustrated or getting headaches and eye strain when you try to sew, to read for any length of time, to research your genealogy or to paint those tiny models?

Good visual skills are just as important for your liesure pursuits and they are in the office.