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Vision Therapy or Vision Training

Vision therapy is all about helping a person to understand how to use their visual system more efficiently. Vision therapy is a process of arranging conditions to help trigger further development in the visual system. Activities are employed to help a person to be more aware of the the visual and body feedback that the brain uses to build good visual skills. This allows a person to judge and monitor, understand and develop the quality of their own visual performance.

The activities used in a vision therapy program vary depending upon a number of factors which include a person’s age, developmental level and visual need. Most activities used in a vision therapy program are fun to do and are carried out in a game-like fashion.

Everybody’s visual goals are different depending upon what is important to them and what is important will change throughout a person’s life. It is very possible to achieve in life with even mediocre visual skills but you will never reach your full potential.

Vision therapy versus vision training

Vision Therapy is generally the term used when developing visual skills that are immature or have never fully developed or rebuilding skills that have been damaged or regressed through injury or illness.

Vision Training refers more to the enhancement of visual skills that are already fairy adequate or that may even be superior to most. An example is Sports Vision Training.

Vision therapy

Vision Therapy Programs

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