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Eye Care For Young Adults

As young adults making your way in life you will probably indulge in new pursuits for the first time. For example, you may take up new hobbies, new studies, new jobs. Your cosmetic and image requirements may change and one pair of glasses to cover every occasion may not work any longer.

As you embark on more intense courses of study, or perhaps your job involves long periods of computer work, there are greater demands on your visual system. Exams, preparing for presentations, dissertations and interviews, promotions, all take their toll on your visual system.

Regular eye examinations can help protect against stress induced visual anomalies and keep your visual system performing optimally. And don’t forget the eye health aspects of an eye examination. Every day sight threatening retinal detachments, tumours, corneal ulcers and systemic disease are uncovered during routine eye examinations.

You only get one pair of eyes and they have to last you your lifetime. Preventative eyecare is the best kind of eyecare. Often the earlier a potential problem is diagnosed the better the long term prognosis.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Image becomes more important as you join the world of work. Your choice of glasses can help you to look older, studious, serious, intimidating, frivolous, cooler or more nerdy. So it’s well worth taking extra care choosing, and perhaps bringing a friend. It’s a good idea to have a few different looks for different occasions, and perhaps the “no glasses” look (rimless or contact lenses) for when you just want to be you.

Leisure Pursuits

New hobbies and sports often means specialist clothes and equipment and, if you really want to raise your game, specialist eyewear. Many people don’t realise that there are purpose designed glasses for most pursuits and they are quite good value for money compared to the rest of the equipment you might need.

Some may consider sports frames and lenses an unnecessary whim, but an appropriate tint and wider field of useful vision can make all the difference to your sport and, if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, you will be very grateful for those snap off sides and impact resistant lenses.

And it’s not just extreme sports that require special frames and lenses. Quality sun tints do more than just making you look good, and it is not only people working in industry who need eye protection.

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Eye Protection

The young rarely consider they need eye protection. Taking risks and living life to the full is not compatible with “Better safe than sorry”, and “worst case scenarios”. And taking precautions is not usually considered cool.

But what if the protection were part of the equipment for a sport, or looked good enough to wear “out”, and what if it were mandatory.

There’s nothing cool about eye injury and sight loss, and potentially it could change your life forever and prevent you from doing any of those things you love so much.

Social Life

When work is over for the week nothing is more important than the social life. Friends, colleagues, family – everyone has a different impression of what you’re all about. Sometimes you just want to be comfortable and casual, sometimes you’ll want to appear cool and in control, and sometimes sophisticated and ready to party. You select your clothes to reflect your mood, so why not your glasses?

Light tints and lens coatings are a particularly important consideration socially. Pinks and reds can lift your colour and anti reflection coatings will ensure that the beholder sees your eyes (with all their expression) and not the room reflected back at them.

On the other hand if you want to hide…there’s nothing better than a mirrored finish.


When you wear glasses your makeup needs special consideration. Ideally it should compliment, rather than compete with, the colours in your frame. Just as a fussy neckline does not require an additional necklace, bold colours in your frame should not clash with your makeup.

Eye protection sun tints

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