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Image is important to everyone and, unfortunately, glasses can sometimes carry the stigma that they are nerdy or unfashionable.

Sure this can be the case, as with anything, but no more so than you can be viewed as ‘nerdy’ and ‘ unfashionable’ without them.

These days glasses are the ultimate fashion accessory, whether it be your traditional specs or retro sunglasses.  They have the ability to completely transform your image instantaneously, as well as serving a very practical purpose.

The fact is, these stereotypes of glasses are outdated, and today many major fashion and sporting brands have a division devoted totally to the design of prescription frames, sunglasses and sports frames. This is an ever growing niche of the fashion and sporting market, and likely to increase as image becomes ever more important to us. Today it is not uncommon to own several pairs of glasses to suit different needs.

Cool glasses for different occasions…

students looking good


The old stereotype of glasses is a thing of the past, but you can still create the wrong impression if you pick the wrong pair. That’s why our staff at Adult and Childrens Opticians are dedicated to ensuring customers choose the right pair to suit them.

These guys have picked the wrong pair…

students looking geeky

The fact is glasses can provide you with numerous different looks depending on the frame you choose and the way you wear them. Michael, Owen, Gareth, Kate, Gemma and Rachel are wearing different pairs to try and illustrate this.

You could go for the intellectual, more mature look…

intellectual mature look

Or you could go for a ‘cool’, trendy look wearing a modern designer frame, or a more quirky contempory frame…

cool trendy look

Protective eyewear is essential in certain sports but can also look really good. Gone are the days of bulky ugly sports frames for skiing and snowboarding.


If you’re not in it for fashion, you can always opt for the discreet everyday look, choosing a frame that that blends in becoming less noticeable.

everyday look

Glasses can create a great party look, and can be a useful practical accessory.


So remember, make sure you pick the right pair of glasses to create the image you want. It is essential that they are comfortable and that you feel good in them.

After all, you don’t want to end up looking like an idiot.