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For problem free wear establish good hygiene routines for handling and wearing your contacts

There is an increased opportunity for minor scratches as your lenses are inserted and removed and you are at much greater risk of eye infections when you wear contacts. The cornea of the eye is a very effective barrier against bacterial and viral infection but those little scratches can allow pathogens through and this is why it is so important that the environment in which you handle and store your lenses is ALWAYS scrupulously clean. You should always be mindful that contact lenses are a potential hazard in the eye.

Cleaning and rinsing

  • ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly and dry your hands well with a lint free towel before touching your lenses
  • NEVER rinse the lenses in tap water
  • NEVER put your lenses in your mouth, or use saliva to wet or clean them
  • NEVER top up or re-use the solution in your lens case
  • ALWAYS follow the cleaning instructions for your contact lens solution
  • NEVER use your nails, tweezers or other tools to pick up your lenses, as they could scratch or tear them


  • ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS clean your lenses immediately upon removal and leave them in cleaning solution for the recommended period to disinfect them
  • NEVER use tap water to rinse your case – only the sterile contact lens solutions provided
  • ALWAYS empty. clean and air dry your case every day
  • ALWAYS replace your case regularly – at least every three months


  • ALWAYS keep your eyes closed when using hairspray or other aerosols
  • NEVER use oily cosmetics, lotions and creams before handling your lenses
  • ALWAYS insert your lenses before applying make up
  • ALWAYS take out your lenses before removing make up


  • NEVER wear lenses for longer than your optometrist advises
  • ABSOLUTELY NEVER sleep in your contact lenses unless they have been prescribed for extended wear
  • ABSOLUTELY NEVER share your lenses with anyone
  • ALWAYS remove your lenses immediately if uncomfortable, watery or blurry. If they are still uncomfortable after cleaning the lenses leave them out and consult your Optometrist