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Inserting contact lenses

Carefully remove the lens from the case trying not to press too hard. With all-in-one solutions you can usually insert the lens directly from the case or you may want to rinse it with solution first.

Place the lens on your forefinger as shown. Remove and dry your finger with a tissue if the lens is too “wet”. A minimum area of contact with your finger is best.

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Look carefully at the shape of the lens. If the edges flatten out like a saucer the lens is inside out. If the edges curve up like part of a sphere the lens is the correct way round.

Using the second finger of the other hand raise the upper eyelid grasping it under the lashes, as close to the lid margin as possible. Using the second finger of the contact lens  hand lower the bottom eyelid and gently place the lens onto your eye. do not press it on.

Look about and count to ten before slowly closing your eye. This will allow the air bubble under the lens time to flatten.

Removing contact lenses

It is much easier to remove soft contact lenses if you cut your finger nails very short.

Using your second finger pull down the lower eyelid right down.

Placing your index finger one side of the lens and your thumb the other,

Slide the lens down onto the white and then bring your fingers together to pinch the lens off your eye.

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