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Reasons to try contact lenses


Sometimes we get a little fed up with the weight of glasses and their tendency to steam up, get covered in finger prints and slip down our nose at the most inconvenient moment.


It’s really nice to have a choice about how we look. A couple of different frames to change our image and then the option to go without glasses altogether.

Improved vision

Contact lenses don’t restrict peripheral vision like glasses do and they don’t magnify (long sighted lenses) or minify (short sighted lenses) space like glasses do, a definite advantage for many sporting and leisure pursuits.

Ease of use

As you get older you may need two pairs of glasses, a pair to wear for walking about and a reading pair. This means swapping between pairs as you change activity. Alternatively you can wear contact lenses in place of your distance pair and just add readers when you want to work in near space. Or you can manage without glasses altogether by wearing one contact lens for clear vision at distance and the other one for clear vision at near.

We offer free trials for daily and monthly soft contact lenses

At A & C Opticians we offer free trials for daily and monthly disposable soft contact lenses under Eyeplan, providing the opportunity to experience for yourself the freedom and versatility of contact lenses.